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I am writing because I am having an issue that needs urgent attention. I am a customer of and have made many purchases with no issues up until 12/31/2013 where my orders were cancelled and I was requested to provide reason of a chargeback for order ending in#9945 for in which I did as well as provide a copy of my drivers license id, credit card used to place my new order and proof of cancellation of chargeback cancellation from fraud reason(bank error) to "item not as described/broken/damaged"

I have been patiently waiting, I have never had any issues with any sellers other than the ones I have disputed via aliexpress and have always provided valid documentation and/or proof for the reason of the dispute/chargeback.

It is imperative for this issue to be resolved so that I can place orders for my business that is growing, which now have been stalled and this is causing a financial catastrophe for me as I have to refund people.

I need action taken to this matter as I was asked to provide sensitive proof of identification yet my account is given no time frame for when it will be verified which is unprofessional. I am in limbo here and need my purchasing via credit card back, it will truly defy the purpose of using aliexpress if I have to pay using another method which takes longer to process payment and the charge for making the payment which sometimes exceeds the cost of the order itself.

There should be no reason why there is a ban for me to use my credit card and why is should take longer than 3 business days to verify the documents you requested. My card issuer, Chase Bank, has also told me that as per the request from the email I received from aliexpress for cancellation of chargeback as fraud to not as described was given to them and is easily accessible through the merchant account/payment system.

This matter needs to be escalated to someone who can assist me in a timely manner and efficiently approve and re-instate full function to my account.

Please assist me with this issue as there is no direct customer service with aliexpress. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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This did the same thing to me, did everyone get their refunds?


tried to make purchases and got the same ID request. Looks lie I'm done with aliexpress. They will never get my info.


I've had the experience where I make a purchase, then get an email reqesting I re-verify (which I've already done), send in my card and drivers license, only to find that the item I previously purchased is now a cancelled order and the price from the seller has doubled.


It's happened a few times now


I thought my order was on the way. I looked at my email and saw that it was canceled.

Then in order to appeal it they are asking for social security cards and passports and all kinds of personal information. There is no way I would share my personal information with this website. I don't' know how they stay in business, unless there are people *** enough to actually give them all of this information. I don't understand it at all.

I guess they just don't want business from me.


Hi everyone.

I am from Mexico and I am in the same situation that many here. I am a client of aliexpress since 2012 and this year 2016 in september started my nigthmare too.

In the customer service they told me to solve this "Your payment was not processed due to security reasons. As a result your order has been cancelled. AliExpress did not accept any payment for this order" problem by providing in alipay my identifications. So I tried 4 times and always they made *** explanation about why my identity verification is failed,, here they are:

1st attempt failed reason "Date of birth in your profile and the one on your identity document do not match.

Please provide correct identity document or update your date of birth in your profile." Guys I checked 3 times all my data but they modified my date of birth

2nd attemp failed reason "Identity numbers in your profile and the ones on your identity document do not match. Please provide correct identity document or update your ID card, passport or driver license numbers in your profile."

3rd attemp failed reason "The photos uploaded are not colorful photocopy or digital photocopy of the original document." 4th attempt failed reason "Identity numbers in your profile and the ones on your identity document do not match. Please provide correct identity document or update your ID card, passport or driver license numbers in your profile" so do you see?

a loop So at this moment I dont have my money back from the cancelled order and I cannot buy anymore products HELP !!! I guess FBI should start to check this situation


Hi. I'm not really happy with this.

I paid for Samsung galaxy s4 but the payment was cancelled.

For 10days, I didn't get my money back. Please I need my payment back

@Tim aye

Did you get your money back?


Hi, My name is Tim Aye.I buy Samsung galaxy s4 but the payment was cancelled for 11 days now I did not get my 114euro refund back. Please why


OMG some people.... My junk email box gets filled every day with emails from:





Sears Starbucks Costco etc etc - all telling me my account has been put on hold until i click on their link and give them all my private information.

seriously people - smarten up! They are all fake, all from the same scammers - enjoying your personal info....


Hi I have order 2 bed sheets but that order has been cancelled as I got a conformation from seller so please tell me when I get refund .


Did you ever get it back


January 12 2016, the same situation for us.

Aliexpress requires our personal documents...

But till the end of last year, we can use the credit card payment method easily.

But, we have friends, here in Hungary, who are not asked for this "strange" identification method...

For example, my wife cannot pay, but her colleague can.

Can you help me with some information?


never give out your private is being used for people to charge for things on y our acct..bad decision..find a better way.


Whats new for AliExpress Security for 2016?

Dual Retinal scans,

Hospital lab DNA Verification

and a complete with a Colon Culture:

just to verify if your full of *** enough to release all of your personal financial info to order to buy cheap nik naks and knock offs.




It's 2016 now and I've just had the same experience. No way in *** would I ever reveal personal information to a website in China.

My bank is happy for me to make purchases with my card, so AliExpress should be minding its own *** business.

Not sure what they hope to gain by harvesting private data. Maybe it's a mass scam brewing.

Or more likely they just can't understand their own security arrangements. Totally bizarre.


I am having the same exact issue. What the ***!


Please DO NOT EVER provide that type of documentation to ANYONE. Not even your bank.


Copy of a passport, bank invoices, and a driver license... is that a joke or a NIGERIAN SCAM?

You are kidding right? NO LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION WOULD ASK FOR THAT KIND OF EVIDENCE--IT IS ILLEGAL TO MAKE A COPY OF THE US PASSPORT! Do you relay expect that ANYONE sane will send you that kind of documentation. What SCAM.

I am reporting your operations to FBI Cyber-fraud division and BBB--and advise anyone to do the same. I will gave you appropriate ratings whenever possible.


Same here from the USA, July 2014. I'm just giving up on Aliexpress.

I used to order from them in the past but they've clearly got issues going on internally that creates the perception that they have a credit card security problem. Once that perception is out there, as a customer, you don't want to take a chance with them.

There are just too many other options both in the USA (eg. eBay) or China (DK)

-Jim W, New York