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First time at AliExpress and i bought multiple Power Banks. Afterwards there are a lot of defects with the accessories i forgave him and completed the order. Later on i discovered that the power banks are not 2600mah as discribed but lower than 800 mah and he proudly admits and told me that others do the same thing.. Because i completed the order i can't do a thing.. Milo Zhang

He *** admits that he scams people with selling low capacity power bank(see the picture!!). I hope that nobody will start naive as i am with AliExpress some are real honest suppliers but a lot are scammers, even with high ratings.

Monetary Loss: $40.

  • Milo Zhang
  • Aliexpress scam
  • Easy Deal -- 24 Hours Shipping
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I am sorry that you have had a problem with a supplier on AliExpress. Please understand that AliExpress is a platform that connects buyers and sellers; we are not the supplier of the goods you purchased.

With that said, I’d still like to help. has a customer service team to assist you. There are a couple of different ways to get in touch with them. One is to fill out our online form. It’s here: (you’ll need to log in) or send an email with the particulars of your situation to

We can’t resolve 100% of customer issues, but I promise that we will try.


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