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I have a very interesting case, where the fraud and the theft is very clear and with evidence, but I have been waiting for 4 months or more...and I still haven't got any refund.I have ordered a Dress in November 2014 from

Order 64695483568443

The dress took a long time to be received, I got it a day before I go on Christmas holidays, it was too big, the seller didn't respect the size....I had to take a flight the following day at 6h from London heathrow. so I opened a dispute explaining the problem, the seller said that he was disappointed with the dispute, and I should have sorted thing out with him before submitting a dispute.....he said that he will accept a refund, however I said that I can't send it as I was on holidays, but he agreed, I tried to contact the customer support team, but that time the aliexpress website was DOWN .....and they didn't do anything to contact me.

When I came back, 12 January 2015. I found out that the dispute was closed, I was surprised because I didn't know that the dispute will close automatically ??. I asked him again before I send the dress back. he said yes fine send it to me. (the discussion was on the aliexpress webite, so this a proof)

I sent the dress via DHL, BUT since the dress was received, the seller stopped all contact with me, no reply to messsage, email or phone, he even blacklisted me from aliexpress (when I snd him a message on the aliexpress platform, I get a message telling me that I was blacklisted and I can't send any email)

I contacted the customer services, I have given them the DHL proof of receipt , which signed by the company owner LV GUO QING (owner details are on the alibaba profile of the seller). I have provided screen shorts of our conversations. so enough proofs to show that i was telling the truth.

I contact the complain team every often, and all I get is that my case is straight forward, I should get the refund from the seller, but they have to contact the seller, to encourage him to communicate with me. (after the dispute closed, the money was sent to the seller, so he has to refund me)

I tried 1000 time to call the seller, he answered just twice, when he knew that it was about the refund, he hung up and ends the it is clear that he has no intention to refund me (109£)...I have even tried to have another dress with the correct size, but as I'm blacklisted, I can't order any dress from them.

the first complaint was submitted submitted a complaint for you at 2015-02-12 02:05:51

So I really don;t know what to do more than that. I have real evidence that the seller is a thief and dishonest. but still nothing could be done

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $169.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aliexpress Pros: Low prices.

Aliexpress Cons: Customer service, Buyer protection policy.

  • Aliexpress Refund
  • Not Working Buyer Protection
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ali epxress is not refunding money, even their website shows refund complete my bank account shows no refund. ALI EXPRESS will face a law suit facing fraud.

BountifulTibetan Mastiff

Review #1426482


True I also opened dispute for my parcel that didn't arrived to me but dispute was closed and never get my refund


I have also never became my refund back!!!! ALI EXPRESS IS STEALING MONEY!!!


Dont buy Aliexpress seler

Shenzhen Zerospace Technology Ltd.

The packet not sended and not refound the money

@Bodac Emanoil Constantin

Had several times the same problem!


Wouldnt recomend to my worst enemy .thinkn about calling john walsh and reporting them as kidnappers. For. Holding peoples money hostage baby


The dispute claim form is bs my packages werent recived being they have no lost parcel option i had choose wrong adress. The seller provided all these adress lables saying they sent it do i lost my claim even tho tje package was actually list / never recieved.

The sellers dont let u cancel an irder either.

Forcing their *** merchandise on u . awful website .cus svc awful how does a computer speak broken english


I have had a similar problem with a different seller and product. All the details and proof have been sent to AliExpress.

The seller acknowleged receipt of the returned item. Actually my dissatisfaction now is that AliExpress is not offering any further options or assistance. The whole dispute system is a merry-go-round.

If I can't get a refund from the dishonest seller, OK, but at least I should be able to warn others.

Can anyone suggest a way to get the AE management's attention? E C, listsurfer(at)