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I have been buying on AliExpress from US for more than a year with no issues using my Master card, lately i started using their app to purchase for the past couple of months with no issues, they introduced this AliPay and the Frustrating problem started - At first they wanted me to Verify my id, i sent them the documents, after a week + i got an email saying my account has been verified and i can shop normally now, this was around Dec 28 2015, Now i am not able t make any purchases, I place an order, i get a payment successful email, but my orders are in "Payment being verified" state for about 3 days and then the orders get Automatically closed - Tried to contact Alipay and Aliexpress via their chat support, which is utterly useless, they cannot help you at all, no phone support, when you contact them they ask you your name and order number you are having problem with and just tell you "its in payment verification state, please wait patiently" , when you contact them again after your order gets closed Automatically for some "Security Reason" - their response is - Sorry your order got closed due to security reason and there is noting they can do about it. They have no escalation path or any thing at all.

AliExpress response after order gets closed "We are sorry to inform you that we have to cancel your order for security reasons"

Can any one help, if they faced a similar issue and how they got to fix this please..

Product or Service Mentioned: Aliexpress Account.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

  • Order Closed Security Reason
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I hope you get your money back, I lost about $20 on 3 items from 3 different Aliexpress merchants who didn't send what I ordered and kept my money. I had the same experience dealing with Aliexpress and get the same runaround .They take up to 45 days to ship the items .

So it's too late to stop payment with American Express or any other credit card companies. Some of the merchants are nice but some are disreputable liars so buyers Beware!

Now with the USA is imposing tariffs it'll probably get worse!! I have bought over $300 worth of merchandise from Aliexpress in last 4 months so they are going to lose out by harboring such bad crooks in their sales group


Same issue, I guess this still hasn't been solved

wtf aliexpress


i have the same problem now

are your problem solved ????


yeh same problem here


Exactly same problem with me


i have the same issue can any one guide me to buy or refund

my mail id


I have the same issue


I had the same issue, I did everything to solve it but I still search for a solution !


I just had the same problem with them. After numerous phone calls I thought it was all settled and then a I receive a bunch of e-mails saying my orders had been canceled and in order to fix the problems they asked for all kinds of ID they should not have access to.


i m also face this issue same i am also submit required documents but not able to find solution


I just had the same problem with the same exact message did u get your refund


Same here. Its a great frustration with AliEx.

I used to buy several stuff online. But with my recent order I got the same message from Ali saying that order has been cancelled. Their 24x7 chat customer service is useless and all robotic answers.No phone number to talk.

I am extremely unsatisfied with AliEx.


Yeah this is wacky. Same issue here.

AliEx wants my ID, copy of credit card and CC statement? No way...

my credit card company will do the fraud check on the purchase and my identification. I don't need AliEx doing it for them or me.


I received the "order closed" email. I chose not to share the personal documentation they requested on the appeal page, so I contacted the seller directly and asked to just cancel the order.

The seller wrote back asking me where I got the email and said the order had been processed and sent, and is on the way. We shall see if it actually arrives!


Did you hair arrive?


Did u ever get help with this issue?? The same exact thing is happening to me! They're online chat support told me I could use a different card, so I did but those orders were cancelled as well!


Exactly the same thing happened to me. They have made the withdrawal from my account but closed the order for security reasons.

They are reffering to a link called My Appeal, when clicking on it one is redirected to a site that says thr site is busy try AGAIN later...

First time trying to buy from AliExpress, buy a lot of things on internet in Sweden and has never had any problem...


Did you find a number for them? The same thing has happened to me!


I'm having exactly the same issue, and submitted all the scans of my CC and driver's license. But, no response and now way to escalate or really get status.


Yes same issue what can i do they are so bad