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On march 2019 I stumbled upon a "Great" aliexpress sale and received cupons and stuff, wow.. so after I didn't buy from aliexpress for maybe two years because of their poor customer support, well it was a mistake... again..

I ordered the xiaomi air capsule earphones which in its original form, a great pair of earphones, the price was maybe $7 lower than the local xiaomi shop but what I received in the mail was not worth even 1 cent, a clearly fake, terrible build quality, sound comes out so low and the sound is really terrible (In the dispute they complained that I did not make a video of the bad sound.. how can one do such a thing, I wonder!? ridicules!!) tinny/midi dominant that gives a very cheap feeling to it, I took it to the shop to discover that it should have come in an original carton box and should look totally different in build quality and I already knew that the original has a very good sound (I ended up buying a pair from the local xiaomi shop and I love it).

What we see here is Fraud! a seller being advertised by aliexpress sends garbage to the customer and then you need to open a dispute and wait and waste your time so people just give up and that way they are sending you counterfeit or defective products and then in the dispute they offer you half the price!!!

SO YOU PAY FOR A NON USABLE FAKE GARBAGE but just half the price so they feel like they resolved it, don't buy there, other platforms are better and take care of you, I like ebay, banggood, geekbuy because they respect their customers and assure that we are safe, I do not feel safe with Aliexpress!!

Oh, the xiaomi shop confirmed that this is not a genuine item but Aliexpress said that the seller showed them proof that it is original haha (look at the photos).

I would like to say to Aliexpress: When someone received an open packages with a broken item, this is fraud and offering me to send it back to the seller on my expense (Which cost more then the whole deal) shows that you are just motivating your sellers to drop their garbage that worth nothing for half the price of an original.

I will never but from Aliexpress and AliBaba no more, that was one chance too many, you can keep our money but we will make sure that everyone knows that you are a sellers market promoting fraud and garbage dumping.

I'm still waiting for maybe 20 parcels from them (got carried away haha) but after that I will close my account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xiaomi Piston In-Ear Headphones.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aliexpress Cons: Dont care about the buyers, Sellers website, Aliexpress fraud.

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