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A few months back I visited this site: http://www.aliexpress.com/?src=google&albch=google&albcp=search_search-trademark&albkw=aliexpress_us-search-trademark-test-aliexpress_site_no&albag=wtohome_none_Aliexpress_trademark&albmt=Broad&albst=search&albom=US_none_20100416&creative=10324551540&gclid=CLLmu6ziq60CFQcQNAod6GZQoA called AliExpress, if you click on it, seems legit right? A bit like Ebay. WRONG! This site has had so many lawsuit threats, scams pulled, and false advertising busts that I'm shocked it hasn't been shut down.

Awhile back there was a designer necklace that I wanted by Pasquale Bruni. Of course it was WAY out of my price range, so I was trying to find something that looked just like it, even a high quality knock-off would be fine with me, I searched this site and thought I found the perfect match. The photographs the seller posted looked legit, they had decent ratings, and the price was great!

And then the old saying, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" reared it's ugly head. I placed the order on August 8th and was promised it would arrive in no more than one week, and no less than three days. So, three days pass, no item. One week passes, still no item. I let one more day go by and contact the seller, who insists they sent the item despite never giving me a tracking number to check for myself. So FINALLY September 26th rolls around, yes, SEPTEMBER 26th, over a month after I was promised I'd get my item, and it finally comes. I open the box, and something doesn't feel right, the necklace in the photo looked too heavy and long to fit in the size of box they sent me. I opened it, and I RAGED. The necklace was not only broken into three different pieces, but it was COMPLETELY different from how it looked in the photo, it wasn't even the same piece! The necklace I ordered was made of yellow and purple glass beads in floral shapes with a silver chain, the piece of *** I received was literally some kind of metal painted gold and lined with ugly green stones which were obviously nothing more than plastic, and falling out of the sockets.

So immidiately I logged on and looked for their contact information, shocker, they DON'T HAVE ANY. The website is mainly used to buy in bulk from places all around the world (mostly China) and I've probably only read two positive reviews about the site and literally hundreds of negatives. So, I contact the seller instead and sent him photos of the item I got in the mail and the photos of the piece he posted online. The "professional" seller repeatedly called me a liar and said I was trying to scam HIM out of getting my money and the jewelry, even after I offered to send the necklace back! So another week passes, and he says he reached a negotiation, I paid about 65.00 USD for the necklace...he literally offered me 5.00 back. I was SO pissed, I would've rather had him say "no refunds" than slap me in the face with five bucks. So I whip out the threats, and only after I threatened to sue him for fraud and harassment did he finally agree to send my full payment back, which took him another 2-MONTHS. Literally, 2-months. It cleared through my Paypal on November 21st.

So after this, I go to the main site to file a grievance against this seller and report his shop to the site managers, again, shocker, they did nothing.

I HIGHLY reccommend that everyone steer clear of this shithole of a scam site. No matter how nice their products look in the images they post, keep in mind that they are most likely stock photography images from Google or photos jacked from Ebay, and are not what they are really offering.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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If you want to get what you purchased do NOT buy from Aliexpress or Alibaba. Scammers and liars.


i also got a bad expreience with Alieexpress. it was one of my first buys:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/330354 Milo Zhang

First time at AliExpress i bougth 10 Power Banks oke..

Afterwards there are a lot of flaws with the accessories i forgave him and completed the order. Later on i discovered that the power banks are not 2600mah as discribed but lower than 1000 mah and he *** admits like he is proud everybody does it and told me not to contact him..


You have to read their feedback. Sure there are scams, my old lady got scammed a couple of times with shotty merchandise.

But, she also, has some GREAT sellers, REALLY. She makes cameos and has her sellers that send her good stuff, so you cannot blame the whole site for the bad apples! The feedback does not lie, if they have 1 year of positive feedback, people saying good stuff they are ok. If they have 100% feedback you cannot beat that.

You obiousely did not check them out! If they have more than a few dissatisfied customers, beware. Geez, cut the good ones some slack!

They are some on there that really just want to sell and make a little money. If you stay on those places and get to know them, you can learn to spot them.

The MajG and the MS

to MajG Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand #822443

Oh, good for you mamas boy

to MajG #1016256

The feedback does lie in some cases. If the store is going to sell stolen and counterfeit merchandise, do you think they will stop at producing fake feedback?

The problem is you just never know, you may purchase something and they just never ship it and there's nothing you can do.

A huge percentage of sellers are thieves.

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