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Since Russia has invaded Ukraine, PissedConsumer.com can't stay aside. With this review, we present our team's opinion only - nothing more than that.

We as an organization always defend the freedom of speech by providing a platform for consumers to voice their opinions and to talk about any problems they may have with various businesses.

Today, we want to give voice to the tragedy of the people of Ukraine and let the world know the truth.

A lot of major companies suspended their business in russia not to support the war.

However, there are still large international corporations that continue operating and paying taxes in russia.

Taxes that are used to finance the army of the aggressor. With this video, we want to show the consequences of such a decision for civilians in Ukraine and ask these companies to stop doing business in russia.

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I am glad for those companies. They are making money and helping people by providing either services or goods.

That’s what business is all about.

Did you object to Ukraine bombing Donbas for 5 years? Where were you then?


Stay out of politics. Stick with business.

You're out of line. You're pontificating about things you can't comprehend.


They are very late in delivery and this is not good at all, and I am also dissatisfied with the refund.


Thank you.

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