Dear All,

I want to escalate this case as I am so disappointed of how aliexpress treats clients.

Seller ADMITTED that order is out of stock and asked to cancel, so I did accordingly. After this he rejected and asked to cancel it and select “other reason” and do not put out of stock!

Why if this is real reason?!

So he did not cancel order and gave fake tracking. Then he started saying that the shipping I have chosen has no tracking! Seriously? Since what is CHINA REGISTERED POST is not able to track?

See my screenshoot.

CHINA REGISTERED POST is always tracking until you receive it in your hand and it is ALWAYS delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Now started already 3rd month of my order. Today buyer protection finished after 60 days and you put that it is invalid and agreed with seller! Seller extended delivery time to keep my money and you support him!


This is normal for you?


Track number with China Register Post comes within 10-14 days always, never later if it is real and was sent as put in a system! More than 2 months nothing!

I am shocked!

Never order again by aliexpress after this situation.

You should better check such seller and punish him and not taking out money from people and support such cheating.

Hope you will check this case and I will receive my money back.

Best regards,

Vera van den Berg

User's recommendation: Do not order and do not trust aliexpress and their sellers.

Location: Pijnacker, South Holland

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