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Update by user Aug 03, 2021

So I have 2 items that one they marked as I said it was delivered but the dispute was open for literally 1 month shy of a year rediculas.. and the second they say was delivered but on there site says collected and has no gb tracking number so 1 it couldn't be collected and two it definitely couldn't be delivered there just liers and thief's and there system is setup the way it is so they can steal peoples money but I will have there uk trading licence if its the last thing I ever do.

Original review updated by user Aug 03, 2021

So I recived an email from ali express requesting from me a lost shipping information from the shipping company I dont even know who the shipping company was and they couldn't tell me and also stated that I had 3 days in order to reply or they will release the funds . Which they did because there is no way possible to find a Chinese shipping company thats not listed on there site then they told me to go to track 17 website to track this parcel which said collected ...

the problem with this is I ordered to my home address which should say delivered so according to ali express its been delivered but it hasn't and this is just a scam to hold on to customers money but in the uk gb tracking numbers must be provided for any and all international deliverys so I can prove that this package never came because it never had one on there website or any email they sent me and when I asked them for it I got no reply from my emails I sent but they still released the funds .

But I shall be taking them to small claims court in the uk and I shall take them to European Court to get there tradeing licence revoked this will all probably take years but these companys should provide a service not theif as there are a lot of angry customer who don't get there package's and still have to pay for them and I mean a lot literally 40 %of people don't get there package's thats super high and this is deserving of this company to be restricted to trading in there homeland only as this is legal theift . So my advice for anyone in the uk do not buy from here unless you like people holding on to your money for months and not received anything in return after being told wait 5 days for the seller to respond then after they do wait 30 days for investigation then another 30 days until you get pissed off they had a dispute open for over a year and I have proff and I still didn't get my money a whole f ing year yes never use them

User's recommendation: Do not use ali expression you will be scammed.

Monetary Loss: $165.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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