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I had ordered hair from Halo Official store hair company on aliexpress. I thought that maybe I would of been dealing with an honest seller, however that was not the case.

I had ordered their 13x6 HD frontal with 3 26 inch bundles and the texture was straight. I had asked the seller if the hair was good quality and the seller told me yes. I went on to proceed with the purchase of the hair which cost $231.00. I was very excited because that was supposed to be for my birthday and I wanted to make me a nice wig.

It took about 6 days that the hair was shipped out which was absolutely ridiculous because I had put in a request for the hair to be shipped from the United States. I had told the seller that that only has about 1 day left before my money be refunded back to me. As soon as I had mentioned that my hair was shipped out to me. It took about 3 days to get to me and when it did I was absolutely excited.

When I had opened up the package everything looked okay until I had took out the frontal. The frontal was the wrong lace and length. I had measured the frontal myself with my measuring tape and it was a 13x4 frontal Swiss lace. I had contacted halo official seller and the seller insisted that they did not make a mistake.

They was to worried about not leaving a bad review and asking me not to open up a dispute which I had did already. I thought that aliexpress would of sided with me because I have proof and evidence such as pictures, measurements and a recorded video. Aliexpress said that I did not have enough evidence to prove to them that they had made a mistake. The worst part was I had to destroy a previous wig that I had made to show the seller that my frontal was a true 13x6 frontal.

The seller had the nerve to try to steal my pictures and tell me that my old frontal was their frontal. Like the nerve of them. Aliexpress had sided with the seller and said that my case was not strong enough to get a full refund which is absolutely crazy because I have/had enough proof. I told the seller that they were very dishonest and will eventually lose customers because they lied to make themselves look like they was telling the truth and promoting lies to customers that they have certain products that they do not have.

The seller is currently asking me to send back the hair for a full refund which I do not believe because if they wanted to give me a full refund you wouldn't go out the way to cover your *** to try and make the customer look like a liar. I have purchased many different hair from aliexpress and that is definitely my last. I still have the hair which is still untouched. I will not be sending back the hair because I believe that the seller would lie again and would probably show old tacky hair and day that that was the hair that I sent them and I can't get a full refund or a refund in general.

If you going to make up a lie about sending out the right product what makes you think I believe that you will send me my money back? This is not only a life learning lesson but also a fair warning to other shoppers. I've been purchasing hair from aliexpress about 5 years and the last purchase I had made was the end of July of 2021 and will be the last time. Any customers who are looking for honest sellers please search elsewhere.

Alibaba is okay so far and I had just purchased hair from them. The seller was absolutely amazing and was very helpful. She send me recorded video of the hair product and before she had shipped.

out the hair to me. That is

User's recommendation: Ask a lot of questions. Make sure the seller is honest and trustworthy. Ask for real images and videos of products that you are trying to purchase. Most importantly communication is very important.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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