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This email is about a dispute that was concluded unfairly, I had until the 26th of May 2020 to return the product ( which I did) and the seller took days to respond. Whilst in the meantime, my dispute was concluded without a refund, which is a bit absurd as the seller received the hair.

Ive been begging and pleading with this guy from May to send me a refund, to show that his aware that He owes me a refund, He asked for my Paypal information.

Which I willingly gave under the impression that I would be fully reimbursed as previously He tried to give me a $5 coupon.

Which I declined and then things went downhill from there.

I've attached part of our conversation and proof that He received the hair. If He wont refund me, then He must send me better quality hair

Location: Oakland, California

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