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Consider: Aliexpress is a middleman to many companies: good, bad and ugly.

I lost money because 2 sellers took advantage of the process; specifically the 3rd option on the page to "Confirm Delivery".

There is an exact process and once the process is complete, 'order closed', there is no further course of action. There is a set amount of time for each part of the process. Before the end of any of those times you have the opportunity to do something, recourse, however after the product is sent and just before the end of its time... OPEN A DISPUTE; however with 5 business days left you could 'Request to Extend Purchase Protection' and if you don't get it 2 days...OPEN A DISPUTE.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Aliexpress Pros: Low prices, Free shipping, Variety.

Aliexpress Cons: Feeling helpless, No complaints avenue, No suggestions box, Not understanding the processes, Not understanding the policies, Purchase not being full protected.

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I agree, the exact same thing happened to me.I hope you get your money back, I lost about $20 on 3 items from 3 different Aliexpress merchants who didn't send what I ordered and kept my money. I had the same experience dealing with Aliexpress and get the same runaround .They take up to 45 days to ship the items .

So it's too late to stop payment with American Express or any other credit card companies. Some of the merchants are nice but some are disreputable liars so buyers Beware! Now with the USA is imposing tariffs it'll probably get worse!!

I have bought over $300 worth of merchandise from Aliexpress in last 4 months so they are going to lose out by harboring such bad crooks in their sales group. Tell your friends and post the same comments on other complaint websites; hitting them in the pocket book may help Aliexpress to do the right thing!


Open dispute time is short. And it is auto close now.

So if you have 10 items order on different dates, good luck trying to keep track of the "dispute" dates, best of all, it is hidden in the details page of each items.

It's like having fine prints on each items, and they only show you the items summary list. So every day not only you need to check your mailbox, you need to check the disputes timing for all items you ordered.



I have been dealing with AliExpress for 4.5 years, and am generally satisfied. About 17% of the transactions have been problematic, but I've figured out how to deal with them.

It used to be that if you hadn't received your item, and Purchase Protection ran out, the order would automatically confirm, the seller would receive their money, and you'd be out of luck.

However, they changed things a while ago, and now you can open a dispute up to 15 days after the order. What I do is, wait, see if the item arrives within the guaranteed delivery time, and if not, then open a dispute. Most of the time, Purchase Protection time will be the same as the delivery time guarantee, but, sometimes, a seller will make it longer (Delivery time guarantee and Purchase Protection are not the same thing). This is their way of trying to get you to pay even if it's late.

Aside from if items are wrong, shorted, or damaged, Purchase Protection seems to be for the seller, not the buyer. Virtually no seller wants to honor their delivery time guarantee. If you open a dispute before Purchase Protection runs out, the seller may extend it, then the AliExpress Dispute Team will make you wait until Protection runs out before giving you a refund. Instead, wait for the order to automatically confirm, then open a dispute.

The seller can't extend Protection after the order has confirmed.

Something odd has happened since September of 2016. Delivery times are late almost all of the time. I don't know why, but I have won 25 disputes since then, for items being late or not arriving at all.

One item showed up after 122 days. 60 days appears to be the maximum delivery time guarantee, yet items are taking more than that to arrive. I am hoping that AliExpress will review their policy, and update/extend the guarantee. I don't mind paying for something, as long as it's on time, and numerous sellers are losing money because of late delivery.

Another thing that has happened is that they are not using trackable numbers nearly as much now, so neither you nor they can track it.

I have had several sellers tell me that they checked and the item is in my city, or that it will be delivered soon. It's BS. They want us to be patient, so that we will not ask for a refund. That's not our problem.

It's theirs. If they don't like their policy, change it, but until they do, they are obligated to honor it. You can easily verify the last tracking information (if any) on AliExpress' site.

Also, after giving a refund, they may ask you to pay if it ever shows up. This is entirely inappropriate, as you are not obligated, since it is late.

If a seller asks me to wait, refuses a refund, or wants me to pay if it ever arrives, I give them the worst feedback, and post screenshots of the message history, in an attempt to shame the seller.

Separately, if you have to give video evidence, make the file size as small as possible, because, even though the site says you can upload larger files, I found they wouldn't. I didn't know what was wrong until I shrank the files.




I am confused by the title "DO NOT 'Request to extend Purchase Protection'". Why should I not do this?


Author says to Open a Dispute instead of this


I too had similar experience.

Vendor did not extend the protection...

system automatically confirmed the transaction saying confirmation timed out.

Worst part is you can not do anything and there is not way to raise this with AliExpress after purchase protection expires... It is such a last resort get any help from the portal and they just gave all left to vendor game this option.

I am sure may first time buyers will fall in this trap.