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I have once again contacted AliExpress only to go through the same old rhetoric. Was arguing with customer service for over an hour just to speak to a supervisor whom apparently doesnt exist.

I did find out that my claim had been dismissed and my money given to the Seller on the 5/1/2020, although I had been told in my only email from them, that it had been dismissed on the 16/1/2020 as the bag had not been returned to the seller in time...mindful of the fact, the a Seller had only shipped the item on the 1/1/2020. So in less than 5 days, apparently, the bag had arrived, Id disputed it and it had failed to be returned by day 6. Once again I was told to contact the seller and work out a deal. Once again I said the seller wouldnt respond.

Trust me, I understand, Im the best one to help you, wait 24 hours for the Experts to contact you via email, were used over and over. Then a classic. Whats your email address. I said they should have it.

( I dont think they keep records of anything as Ive been over my story so many times with them ). Only to be told, my email address was letfly@***.com. . Obviously this person had had enough of me as Id had of them.

This classic goes with the Corona Virus reason the seller and AliExpress have not contacted me! Suffice to say, the powers that be from AliExpress will not refund me my money. Its been very frustrating and taken up a lot of my time, when all I wanted was a quality handbag with a back zip pocket for my 90 year old Mum. I received nothing like this.

Still told to return my bag to Seller.....still no address given even after repeated requests. So I guess via Hong Kong will have to do. I do have screenshots of this entire ridiculous conversation. The representative knew I was taking them.

Not an issue.

Probably because they have so many naive customers, like me, who put their trust in companies to do the right thing. Do not purchase from AliExpress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aliexpress Claim.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aliexpress Cons: Scamming, Delivery, Hard to reach customer service, Delivery time cust serv is terrible, Rude customer service.

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