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First of all, the order claimed that I would receive the product within 5 days. Not to mention the fact that it was "95% used but 100% working and tested," which, looking back should have made me suspicious.

The order wasn't shipped until at least 7 days after I payed and only after I tried to contact the seller. I say 'tried' since they were incredibly hard to get a hold of and only got off their *** after I submitted my initial dispute. I could let this slide except after I FINALLY received the product after around 3 weeks of waiting, I installed it (this was a motherboard to a mac laptop), I eventually discover the SD card reader was physically defective (not exactly the first thing you check). Two of the pins that make contact with any given card were missing so no data was being transferred.

I had signed for the item with the courier so it's case closed for Ali and the supplier. But this was supposed to be 100% working, not to mention tested according to the item's description! Now I can allow for the late delivery (I'm a patient guy) but almost a grand for a defective component when I could have for $250 more, purchased an entirely new machine.... *** no.

I try contacting the supplier to see if we could come to some arrangement but their English sucks more than I can describe. After barely intelligible e-mails back and forth over a 2 week period he finally tells me that if I send it back to him (at my expense) he'll repair it or send me another one (it was hard to tell). So I do.

Almost 2 weeks later and I still haven't heard back from him on whether or not he received my package. But my real beef is with Ali. They continually say they'll escalate the dispute but I never hear a damned thing from them. Their chat service is of no help either as they keep telling me things I already know. I am clearly eligible for a refund on multiple fronts but they keep stalling so they can hang on to my money!

Monetary Loss: $790.

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