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I have problem with my rc boat esc .this esc is second time problem .this esc come with same model item than different length material .i already told seller resend original item i wait for 9 months than they do many suggestions than they told me try connect and check see the power then decide if have problem. The say the will do resend if have problems!.this is seller want me to connect and test show them is really problem.

I follow they request i have told them if connect i will lost alot money for my high voltage connector and cable all of this use welding solder type if problem i cutting out this cable and connector will throw away .they want too i have told them at first the esc is already burning my battery and motor of they wrong software. I throw away this item can be use .i follow them ask for test first .so after connect this 2 esc really have problem with different power i have video send they say is work on esc .yes i know is work but i buy this is high voltage than power low and two esc come out different must power .they to me connect conputer check the settings this and that they try to protect this is fake item .then hard yo explain. I order in aliexpress many test meter for check that power show then .after near 2 month all the test meter come i connect to test meter show them in meter .this is 100% they know too what the problem then .then they give me many suggestions and take reply my messages. Last i getthe message they told me send back for check and repair .why i need to accept repair .this item before connect i already told them the problem but they ask me to check and do resend that original item .now they told me send back for repair im not white nose 我不是白老鼠 im also not work with them they ask me test than they take that problem throw to me .i have all the details from them what they one i do .so they try run no reply few month reply me send back no good no refund.

This item no good from beginning before i install i can send you the pic what problem when i receive.

Im are diamond buyer in aliexpress i never make any comments and complain to aliexpress about seller before i dont want hurt anyone on business. But this seller is too much that i ask aliexpress for help .then i getting poor service give your customers service playing i ask the problem in the chat room always in few min chang new agent that ask me for repeat and repeat in month they do that.

My customer service help online site when i type message they set in my account NETWORK BUSY .near 3 week that i make new accounts to check what is going on in my diamond account! Omg your expeat team poor enough do that poor settings. Or they like in half way log out my account give me key in again and i wait for live chat few hour again ..i have one in whole nights wait and chat at 10pm to 6.30 morning i wait for reply on live chat few hour then getting live chat they just reply yes i sse yes and yes this can slove up customers problem.

Or they like to ask me MAY I KNOW YOUR CONCERNS just repeat one on my problem. Yes this item is been year but this all have records and this ssller still in reply that mean this is still in problem then aliexpress plafrom have to review the case not away told me protect day ended this item need to take time test it can you give me a call im tired to type i can speak Chinese im tired to type i type this case with seller been year and type to aliexpress near 6 month i get they email but not slove up any thing some time i want get live chat i need use bad words then getting iive chat ..this is the way they like that bad words .this is diamond buyer get for got few time in live chat have agent but no reply me ..i no choice i want to get in touch i do dispute all the item in my order have one time in night i do dispute 10 item then next day i will receive that email many way i try find for live chat and slove up the case ..i take very long time to catch up this seller fake item and the certification they send me this pic is fully with 300%mean this item is fake not correct model i think send this pic what i get to aliexpress but still never take any action your wedsite still safe for use ?

I just want to telll aliexpress dont ask me go to seller ask for refund. This is aliexpress should do the job you have too .my payments in my bank statement pay to aliexpress if you can't slove up this case i have to get refund from have to take a look on your service if shipping online networks can busy for a week this wedsite still in safe for use give me a call i take 10min to let you know more clearly about this case ..

I really cant believe diamond buyer get this service..i want to get live chat untill i try to do dispute for get way keep in touch is right to do that ?

Location: Ipoh, Perak

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