1. Order ID: 801515****802465

I have returned goods on time.

Withing time frame given by Aliexpress. Date and time on waybill; 10:06AM, July 11th 2020.

Despite the fact that I did everything as per your instructions Aliexpress released payment to seller stating that I did not returned goods on time.

I have provided the seller waybill copy right after it was returned before you released payment to the seller. Waybill and time, date is visible on the copy. Nevertheless he tells me that has no tracking number.

I have provided him tracking number and waybill multiple times.

I have tracked this shipment and it has been processed.

Proof on hand.

Moreover he states my money won't be refunded.



Same seller shipped one separate item to the US instead of UAE;

Order ID: 801525****292465


Order ID: 801515****742465

No email on dispute recieved from Aliexpress.

It should be in my inbox today. Its not.

Please handle this in a fair and according to your own policies and customer rights and customer law.

Location: Dubai, Dubayy

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