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OfAnot ell as wish this is a really bad dishonest criminal organisation who use the appearance of a fully legitimate company.

I have tried making a complaint to report theft and fraud over customers and been refused the ability to do so.

Customer are not allowed to speak to managers who apparently do not exist and not allowed to complain! .

I have also been advised that they will not be removing or disciplining sellers from their platform who commit theft or fraud and DO NOT provide refunds for fake orders or stolen money or money their clients have stolen through fraud from customers! Aliexoress will keep the stolen money!!! That's theft isn't it and an assecory to a crime? They don't think so they feel there's nothing xti g in doing this. Very odd attitude but maybe other countries don't feel this is a crime?

They become aggressive and help copying and pasting only one phrase only over and over and they can only be contacted on chat twice a year if that!!! " we do not provide any refunds if you are not happy log a dispute '

However when logging a dispute for orders not placed through fraud you cannot raise a dispute and it is automatically closed down by the system and you don't see your money again. I explained this to agent who EGNORED what I said as they don't even bother to read the messages she just copied and pasted sale phrase!!!

When I expressed that this uisan assessory after the fact they expressed in their replies that they have no fear of the police and don't care about customers anyway and are happy to get reported and they think they are untouchable.

They are nasty dishonest scammers and they also would receive a cut of any stolen proceeds as this iis how they run their platform when sellers use it.

Of course this doesn't always happen but the fact they are nasty and deliberately confrontational a d spend all their time arguing refuse to cooperate or help customers a d refuse to provide refunds is a clear indication of what they are up to.

Can you imagine any UK company doing this? They would have their sellers licence revoked pretty soon but in foreign countries this type of behaviour is acceptable and normal as they seek to have no clue that that are immoral rude or nasty so to them this us a normal way to treat rack other. No wonder half of them are at war with their neighbours literally.!

They do not agree with their own terms and conditions! And disagree with them when quoted by me!! and have accused victims of perpetrating these crimes by saying if a customer can prove they didn't place the order and funds taken by fraudulent means then they might refund but of course you cannot prove it so they keep your money.

Royal mail have warned me they aliexoress run a scam by using accomplishes in the UK with genuine addresses and have your goods go there instead of your address and this is how they commit fraud and pocket the funds .

You won't get a refund. Royal mail are Aware of this scam they told me themselves but said they are not prepared to tell the police UK residents are being stolen from and scammed by aliexpress as this isn't their responsibility so they just deliver to the scampers address and don't let on to the victim!!!! I could not believe what I was hearing!!!!

There is something very wrong with people's morals these days.

I went to the bank and got all my Money back for goods not received or ordered through scam to teach aliexoress a lesson and they *** themselves they were then keen to sort it out and refund me but by then it was to late they had their chance to be honest and moral.

I hope this teaches them a lesson and to hit them in the pocket is the only language they understand.

User's recommendation: Do not buy from these thieves!

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aliexpress Pros: Non.

Aliexpress Cons: All, No refund for items that did not work, I never got my order, Guests not able to buy without a mobile number, Biased dispute resolution.

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