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In the first, they will give you refund for smaller item in order to make you trust them and order more items. Once you order over $20. Then they will treat you like you are in China.

In here, I will tell you how you can get a full refund and what they are most afraid of.

“I ordered a yellow bag. But it came with dirty lines, green stained, tear off handles, many scratches, deep lines etc. Even the seller wrote back that there is problem with the bag after the seller saw the evidences. But this evil seller demand to return the garbage bag back to China with my own expense. Therefore, I filed a dispute. during the dispute, the aliexpress management team gave me a judgement for full refund without return the bag. I told them, i can return the bag if the seller send me return postage. Then the evil seller posted blue bag photos and wrote back to me, “why did you bought it even after you saw the pictures” So i wrote back “Why did you post blue bag photos while I bought a Yellow bag?” Then the *** aliexpress management team took the evil seller’s hand up high by changing their OWN judgement. Come one who changed their own reviews? The only reason the aliexpress do this because the seller is Chinese. I even wrote back to Aliexpress, “once you sell goods in the US, you must follow the US consumer law” But Aliexpress did not care. Therefore, I am telling all US buyer, if you need to file a dispute. Step 1. Just post photos as evidences and write your complains to Aliexpress dispute first. Step 2. You must file a dispute from your credit card company who are more fair and knows US consumer law. The reason you need to file a dispute to your credit card company is even main Aliexpress is located in China, they have their US company filed as an Aliexpress corporation. Therefore, US aliexpress cannot act like bully. So If you are US buyer, have your own protection by filing the issue to your credit card company. ALiexpress really hate when customer file a dispute directly to customer’s credit card company. Then Aliexpress will frozen your dispute directly to credit card company. However, Once they did like frozen dispute will result money back to your credit card statement right away by your credit card company. I use Chase. They are being fair and gave me the credit right away. Aliexpress is doing there business like US buyers are in China. so they use Chinese ruling for defective item has to be returned by buyer’s expense even if the sell sent you a defective item and the seller and aliexpress will force you take the partial refund by saying that there are still values. Still values!! that is their excuse for partial refund. As a concussion, You have to know your protection from your own credit card company. So follow my step and do not need to spent 30 days of unnecessary process of getting unfair judgement. They are the company who even change their OWN Judgement.

They have been prove that they are not trustable. I asked them WHY did you changed own judgement ?

They did not answer me back. I asked them why did you took the blue bag photos even if you do know that I bought a Yellow bag?

Why the innocent buyer has to pay more for the return shipping? they did not write back to me.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Aliexpress and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $21 and wants Aliexpress to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was aliexpress management team is not tustworth, customer service and fraud. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Aliexpress and aliexpress customer care for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


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Thank you best advice!


Aliexpress is a cheater!

I am from India and ordered a MiBand 2.The band is defective and does not turn on.The return shipping costs are too high.

Even after uploading multiple videos as evidences I am being offered a small partial refund

They are cheaters & their policies are inclined towards their Chinese sellers!


Far Rockaway, New York, United States #1236767

How do I file a dispute through my credit card company which is Chase and what do I tell them?


I am also cheated by Aliexpress judgement team.I posted 30 videos and photos as proof for non-working item.

But they do not look at your evidence.Chinese seller always wins to the buyer (=loser).

Sunnyvale, California, United States #1195870

I also use Chase, and after I file a dispute with Chase, Aliexpress froze my "order" instead of my "dispute".In the dispute Aliexpress only offered a very small amount of partial refund which I never agree with.

But the dispute still automatically finished anyway, and after it closed by itself, the page shows full refund amount AND the return address.It seems Aliexpress is forcing me to return it at my cost, which makes no sense since they have never provided this as a solution while the dispute was still openned.


Hi there, sorry to hear that.

AliExpress provides 24*7 online support, it's easy to reach:

1.If you are using pc, please use this link:

2.If you are using cell phone, please use this link:

to Daisy_2016 Sunnyvale, California, United States #1195872

your "support" system is fake, nobody helps the customer but suggests buyer to continue negotiate with the evil seller.

You guys are doing business with US customer, don't act like you are the king of the world

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