I thought I was doing my homework making sure I was finding good quality sellers. I sent messages to about 20 of them that showed they shipped from the US and showed they shipped by USPS.

I asked each of them if their products where in the US and that they where shipped from the US to my customers. About 15 of them replied basically saying the same thing. Yes we have product in US and ship from US to your customer. So I started selling some of their items to my customers.

Found out they do not have their product in the US and that their products ship from China even though they said they ship from the US. The trick I noticed is they supply you with a USPS tracking number showing shipping from CA or NY. Then for days and days the tracking says USPS waiting for product. Then when the product arrives from China then the USPS gets the item for delivery.

They pretty well all told me 9 to 13 days shipping, good luck on that. Be very cautious, they will tell you anything to get you to buy.

User's recommendation: Be very cautious.

Location: Blue Springs, Missouri

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