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This is a letter i drafted in a fit of frustration after dealing with AliExpress customer service. Agents themselves are courteous, but it's seriously their system and management that needs a wake up call.

This was pre-written so take no notice of the dates etc... nevertheless it tells you of my experience with them as i dont have the time to re-write it.


Order Number: 506408166682355

My first experience with using ALiExpress will be my last.

I have throughout this case provided detailed explanations of WHY i believe asking for a refund is justified. Yet despite being told in my last conversation with your agents that its going to 'management' and that they will be able to help, their response was to say the least 'pitiful'.

Your focus and efforts on customer service are pointless if you do not engage with your customers in the first place!

This case has been going on for a LONG TIME and all your MANAGEMENT can tell me is something that your agents could of told me. 4 MONTHS of correspondence and now this case is being rejected on grounds of being beyond the 'buyer protection' period?! WHY HAVE I BEEN WASTING MY TIME TALKING TO YOUR AGENTS!!

You agents ALL gave me the sense of understanding and were all confident that my case will be understood, and I believed they were telling the truth.

This response from your so-called 'management' is pathetic and something your agents could of told me right at the beginning, which they did.... I took the time to explain my situation so that it could be understood on the management level of WHY I needed service beyond your policy, and IF it was not possible... WHY did i get given hope from each of your agents that it WAS possible?

Your systems should have the ability to hold all chat conversations, and I CHALLENGE you to look through them (which i expect that you should and clearly you dont) and tell me that I have NOT been lead astray if your 'management' response is simply.. 'NO, because it's outside of the 'buyer protection period' …..

There are more, but I am sure your capable IT team have the resources and access to these conversations for compliance and one would assume.. Situations like what i’m explaining to you now.

I have conducted myself in the best possible manner over the longest amount of time on this case, and have actually been impressed with your agents... however your agents are giving false hope if THIS is the kind of response you give customers after telling them that it's going to management. As far as i can see, they took no interest and sent a basic reply that even the live agent could of told me.

Your agents intents seem real enough, it really does appear they are trying to help! unless they really know it's useless but they have to put on a smile and claim they are anyway… but of course how would one know..

So either your agents are trained how to mislead customers with the best of intent or there is something CLEARLY WRONG with how your management deals with complaints!

I have had NO evidence of how your teams are looking into my case, no notifications or confirmations and have had to base everything on faith despite me providing EVERYTHING EVERYTIME.

I have had NO clear answer as to why I am being denied such an obvious result despite me spending the time and stress to paint the picture for you so clearly in EVERY conversation because your teams simply don't ever seem to fully understand what I am talking about.

I have now sent back the machine, the seller HAS NOT confirmed delivery or even cleared customs (IT ARRIVED 12th December 2018), and to date as a result of this transaction not being successful this has cost me well in excess of £1500 via purchasing a new machine (not through AliExpress) and getting ship freight which has ended up costing me 4 times the amount in total customs! I have also had to push back the business plans that were intended with this machine by at LEAST 3 months.

I was told by Samantha on 7/01/2019 (Chat log: 2004000000631784) that it will be 7days, that the refund has been approved and I just have to be patient.

Today on 23/01/2019 I am told by Chloe (Chat log: 2004000000904416) there has been no such request put through and I had to explain my situation for what must be the 5th time now….

I just wanted to buy the machine, praise how good the sellers service were and establish a healthy relationship between buyer and seller, this is evident also in the messages with the seller which i can provide also.

I do not complain often at all, and i have given this situation a LOT of thought and patience.. but if this does not reach a human being spokesperson from management and I do not get a direct emailed response I will freely post this entire letter along with all evidences and my commentary detailing what has happened.

This situation has personally cost me up to £1500.00 extra in costs which could of been spent towards so many other things in my business but no, this is my reality. I just want to move on but your process and responses are simply proving inadequate and lacking in common sense, thought and integrity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aliexpress Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor management & appeal system.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aliexpress Cons: Unhelpful customer service, Lack of customer service, Unhelpful complaints avenue.

  • poor system
  • Lack Customer Relations
  • No Refund
  • Poor Management
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