good morning I have been trying for months to get a refund for two materials I received, I opened a dispute but it was denied I made a complaint but it was denied I asked my postal company but they do not make any complaint and no official document because for them the shipment does not exist .

I asked the sellers for an official document that certifies the shipment and I asked them to make a claim but nothing was denied to me.

tell me what I can do to get my money or if I have to make a complaint to whom I have to send it to you on aliexpress and also the data of the seller.

I'm sick and bored of being scammed, that's enough.

the shipping and tracking numbers are

300890****543286 shipping number


then 300890****563286 tracking number


I have also done so many times by opening various tickets with your operators in chat but never solved anything.

I'm waiting for your info thanks


User's recommendation: Attention you are not protected by aliexpress.

Location: Milan, Lombardy

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