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I placed an order but no confirmation received. Money was taken out of my account and was put back.

Confirmed with bank. When will I get my order


My order

I would like the DHL company to send a parcel back to the seller because the item was suppose to be free delivery but unfortunately the Dhl ask me to pay a fee of £16. I tried to contact the seller about this payment but she's not ready to assist.

Am happy if Dhl could send this back as I can not afford to pay the charges. If this parcel sent back how will I get my refund?


Cash Payment

Hi Ali express. Hope you all are doing well My question is about cash payment.I try to buy some items and want to pay cash.but unfortunately I didn't find any option for cash payment. So could you help me out from that trouble.


Bluetooth speaker

I just want to purchase bluetooth speaker but the problem is.i have no credit card or bank card.can you help me...please guide me what can i very interested with the item.


Account locked

I just opened and account and tried using it and i was declined saying that my account was locked How does one regain access to a locked account?


Where the product will come from

Where is this online shopping located. I am in India these products will come or not and by free shipping or more amount of payment is used


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