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i ordered hair from the company meya hair on April the 12th 2021 and when i received the hair the hair was it was not true to length and it also had bold patches in the lace I then asked them to send me a refund and they told me I had to send her back so I did. I payed £10 for shipping and I showed them proof I asked them to send me my money back and they told me they would have to wait until it came back to the warehouse so I kept messaging them asking them if you had returned and they told me no.

it had been over a month and they still continued to tell me that the hair did not come, when I knew it had. they eventually said the hair came then they deleted the message and said it has not arrived back and also said I should have received a refund and then I told them that I had not received the refund and they said that I had to wait for her to come back to them however they had previously already told me that they had arrived so I kept questioning them and they eventually gave in and said that they are sorry for the wait. I kept questioning them asking when I would get my refund and they kept avoiding the question and said that I have to wait for the manager to approve even though that they had the hair back and all they have to do send me the money. I then opened a dispute on Ali express I sent evidence and explained the situation and I was told that my reason is invalid and I only deserve a partial refund which isnt true because I sent the hair back which means I am entitled to a full refund and I expected to receive £143 back into my account but when I checked the refund status it said I would only be receiving £43 which is not fair at all because I sent the hair back.

I am very frustrated with the company because they have been lying to me and prolonging my refund which is not fair Im also frustrated with Ali express because they said that my reason with invalid when the company sent me the wrong hair and it was poor quality. I have been trying to contact Ali express but i have not been able to, i have been talking to robots and thats not getting me anywhere so Im now emailing you hoping to get my refund of £143 back plus the £10 that I spent to send the hair back since Im entitled to that as well.

Monetary Loss: $143.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aliexpress Pros: Price.

Aliexpress Cons: No customer service.

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