Name of Product: 110V/ 220V Steam Ironing Irons Garment Steamer For Clothes Vertical * Order Number:801076****197521

Hello, sir, I'll request already my country lockdown then the parcel is canceled and doesn't know when it open

And I'll tell you many times your seller call me in what's up many times use abuse and rude with me.and you don't any action your seller I'll tell you 6-7 time you don't any action then I'll abuse to your seller. St your seller abuse to me and abuse to my parents and my country then I'll speak because you don't any action.

I'll complain already share with you

Opposite you describe my account all option closed and my dispute cancel you're doing this unfair with customers

What's wrong with you I'll pay first if I don't receive good material then I'll inform you. And deactivate my account.it's very disappointed sir.am not happy with your service and your seller

Last not received my watch and you dispute to seller my money and now I received the defective product you deactivate my account...times I'll loss $45

Soul my problem, please.

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

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