Here's my chain mail with them,...

Leave a message for the sellerMe2015-12-25 10:22:39PLEASE let me know if you got my email or not,... I can send it again if you like.Me2015-12-25 10:22:10I hope you got my email of the video.Me2015-12-25 10:15:58I did send it to your email 3089421692@qq.comDidn't you get it?Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-24 18:49:44Dear friend,Thanks for your mail.Sorry about that ,we can not create a gmail account.Could you download the video and add to the mail and sent to us again?After we confirm the problem we'll give you a positive solution.Have a nice day.Regards.Me2015-12-24 09:48:56I just upload another... hope u can see it...Me2015-12-24 08:48:01Then create a gmail account...Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-23 17:47:40Dear customer,So sorry for this situation occurred .When we open the MP4,it show this page ask for Login,and we don't know how to open it.Could you download the video and add to the mail?Best regards.Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-23 17:25:16

Me2015-12-22 19:06:50I just upload it the video in MP4 format.Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-22 02:46:19Dear friend,We are so sorry for causing your inconvenience.Really sorry, But we couldn't open the link you sent to us .Would you mind sending us a video in mp4 format ?After we confirm the problem we'll give you a positive solution.Best regards.Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-22 00:32:40Dear friend, We are so sorry for causing your inconvenience. Really sorry, we can not open this video. Would you mind taking a video(MP4) to us? After we confirm the problem we'll give you a positive solution. Best regards.Me2015-12-21 21:31:38FYI,The more I write to you, the more *** off I am...Me2015-12-21 21:31:00I have just finish sending you the video,... I hope you have recieved them. PLEASE let me know if you didn't, because I can send a LOT more.I just want to let you know that you sold me a defect item and your offering me a $3 refund as an insult.Me2015-12-21 21:26:43I have a lot more video if you need them.if you want pictures, I can send more too since you have offer me a $3 refund for your defect/broken item.Me2015-12-21 21:21:55I have send you the videoS to the email your requested, 3089421692@qq.com, and with the subject heading of the ordering number 71224047827984.If you did NOT received it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I CAN UPLOAD 12 MORE TIMES so you know it was me that send you these email...Please DO NOT HESITATED to ask more video(S), because I can and will send them.Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-18 19:52:39Dear friend,We are so sorry for causing your inconvenience.Would you mind taking a video to us?Our email address is 3089421692@qq.com,please write the order number and your ID name into the subject,then we'll easy to find your email.After we confirm the problem we'll give you a positive solution.Best regards.Me2015-12-18 16:15:10Here are the metal and plastic came out of the controller

Me2015-12-18 16:14:44Front of the controller... Notice the different height on the switches.

Me2015-12-18 16:14:05Right-side of the controller.

Me2015-12-18 16:13:42I have decided to take the remote apart to see what's broken after your insulting $3 refund.If you can't see from the pictures, I don't know what to say.

Me2015-12-18 10:05:24$3 dollars... are you insulting me? Plus you want me to find a place that will repair it and pay more money. Are you not reading my descriptionS of the issue, Aside from the battery pack, small plastic and metal piece came out from inside of the controller. LOOK at the picture at the top right corner. Those are BROKEN plastic and metal came from the inside of the controller. I don't see how this is a SMALL PROBLEM!If you're a real company, you would send me a new controller and a RMA number. This is a very common pratice in most developed countries..Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-18 00:36:10Dear friend, Sorry to bother you. Could you please close the dispute fristly? Please reply us. RegardsZhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-16 19:28:38Dear friend,Thanks for your mail.No,"refund USD 3" , is mean that we will refund $3 for you .not full refund.Is it ok? It is a small problem,could you repair it on your local shops?Waitting for your good news.Have a nice day.Regards.Me2015-12-16 06:54:09Thank you for getting back,What do you mean "refund USD 3" from your email? Please clarify?Do you mean full refund?Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-16 01:24:38Dear friend, Sorry to bother you. Could you please close the dispute fristly? Regards

Zhiyuantwo TWO2015-12-15 22:29:11Dear friend,Thanks for your photos.Sorry for the trouble.As for this case, we will investigate it and improve our service for our future customers. How about we refund USD 3 to you for our sincere apology? Waiting for your reply.RegardsMe2015-12-14 10:00:27I just got this in my mail and it's defected. Basically you sold me a broken item and I'm very disappointed.Here are the problems.1. When I took out the battery pack to put in the batteries, the entire cable connection came out (see photo)2. I heard loose things inside the controller and when I shook it, small like plastic and metal piece came out.3. 2 of the toggle switches doesn't work.4. One side of the control stick is so stuff that I can feel bending to it.This thing is so worthless, it's nothing but garbage right now I am very upset since this was supposed to be a Christmas gift.I am worry that the drone might be broken too since the remote is beyond repair.I do not care how you do it, but send me a replacement ASAP.

Review about: Aliexpress Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Same thing:

Hmm.Can you please collaborate on how the broken heat transferring part can be fixed if it is broken by half?

once broken it should only be replaced, there's no way to fix it.. I see what you say about profit from sale but again broken item is a broken item, make the factory refund you - this is not postal damage but factory fault. I would like to get replacement part (not complete soldering iron...) from the factory, if thats possible.

-- Them:

2016-06-16 23:14:40

It can be fixed,could you please kindly have a try?How about we refund $ 3 to you for our sincere apology? I am sorry for that.In fact the price listed is reasonable and has been carefully calculated.

It leaves me limited profit already. Hope you can understand.

Waiting for your reply. Regards. -- Me: 2016-06-16 06:56:22 You understand that this item is not 'repairable' because of the broken part, right?

I can repair things myself that's what soldering iron is for. I don't need the $3, it won't make me any difference. I want the item - please send the replacement part which is broken. It's the inside of the soldering iron.

This is the only way ghow we can regulate this dispute. Broken item for $3 less is still broken unusable item. Sorry but this is not my fault that the part came broken; and this is not post-related damage. The part INSIDE the item is broken - meaning this is factory quality control problem.

-- Them:...

-- Me: 2016-06-10 20:13:51 email sent to the address. -- Them: 2016-06-10 04:29:38 Dear friend, We are so sorry for causing your inconvenience. Would you mind taking a video to us?Our email address is 3089421692@qq.com,please write the order number and your ID name into the subject,then we'll easy to find your email.

After we confirm the problem we'll give you a positive solution.Best regards.

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I received a similarly insulting refund from them too - $5 on a $25 item. Seems like that's how they do business.



Hi there, sorry to hear that.

AliExpress provides 24*7 online support, it's easy to reach:

1.If you are using pc, please use this link:


2.If you are using cell phone, please use this link:


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