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I bought a shirt from a store named "Wu Yanzu Store Store" they contacted me later asking me to pay extra 0.5$ charges (attached is a pic showing the message) so they can send me the product faster. When i entered this link it was like a product named extra fee that costs 0.31$ and free shipping, so i bought it. But the problem was that they took 10$ from my bank account and not 0.31 as they said. I contacted them back and i canceled the two orders(the shirt and the"extra fee" order. But they did not accept the cancellation and they sent the orders instead and they only replied with a smiley face.

I don't want the shirt anymore nor the shipping extra fee and i want my money back. i tried using the costumer service cheat but the experience was awful and with no results.

Attached is all the needed screenshots.

Please reply to me on this email:

Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Aliexpress Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Aliexpress Pros: Great prices, Past of aliexpress when it was good.

Aliexpress Cons: Getting ripped off and no one to talk to, Helpless customer service, Bad help if seller is a cheater.

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