Do not order from this store. The Nimble store is incompetent or just thieves.

They sent my kid's suit to Springfield, NY. I do not know where they got this wrong address. I asked them to send it to South Carolina. I complained to Aliexpress.

I told them that I did not receive the suit. They sent my money to the Nimble store anyway. I don't know why Nimble sent it to the wrong address that I did not provide them. They are refusing to accept responsibility and are asking me to track down the package which is thousands of miles away in NYC.

They were on vacation for about a week and no one got back to me from Aliexpress.

I am still waiting. They got back from vacation on Oct 7, 2021. It I now October 9, 2021. Still nothing.

Additionally, somehow the order does not show up on my iphone.

I could not dispute it because it was not listed on my account despite purchasing it with my account. This has caused a delay. I had to find a PC to submit my dispute. This is way too much trouble.

Beware! Do not use Chinese sellers who are across the ocean.

I want to take them to court, but the cost of court is higher than the price of the suit. This is why they are screwing me.

User's recommendation: Stay away.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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