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I have been buying with you for quite a long time now and never has it been making me so angry because you are breeching so mmany laws. Do not take this message lightly

I am tired of akli games and ignorance

¨IO will make my story of anger, hate and dispair publiuc as you made my shopping with you a nightmare

I start writing my artiucle for the international and american press- and it will be with sharp toungue and without sparing the words

I have about 18 shopping stories where I was robbed by aliexpress to tell. Let the public know right ?

Or you deal with it asap.

I am so furious that I do not care how quickly my stories will travel all over the world - with a supersonic speed .and I am not sure if after what I jhave to writr - whether you will not be flooded with the same requests for justice because of crooked practices - requests of refunds by billions !

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aliexpress Pros: Cheap.

Aliexpress Cons: Too costly as loosing money by crooked thieves practices.

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