Hello I am very frustrated with your services I have repeatedly tried to contact you through chat customer service ive tried filing a dispute I've contacted the seller numerous times now, I'm getting very annoyed with the lack of customer service. You have told me several times payment was not received yet you have taken it out of my bank account now and u continue to say it's unpaid so here is the bank statement n the product I ordered, now ur going to say ask for refund I've been trying for hours now it won't let me n it won't let me dispute the seller won't contact me back I'm getting pissed please send my order

I have not received my order and I out have charged my card for 62.94 man I'm looking at my bank statement as we speak please send my product or give me a full refund this is u charge people and say that you have not received the payment rediculious I have proof that u have taken money out of my bank account and I still have no product please send my order thank you or a full refund ASAP and for inconvenience I need it shipped faster then 24 days or a week man for the hoops I have to jump through to use ur website also ur customer service is terribly horrible you don't get back to customers make us do all this stuff just to fi d our order please send my order or full refund now

User's recommendation: Do not shop here EVER.

Location: Saguache, Colorado

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