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I ordered flower girl dresses for my upcoming wedding and chose a color from a color chart the supplier "Simple Love 's Store (Bi Xiao Ke)" provided me.I selected a lavender #81, which they even acknowledged after my selection, matter of fact on the order itself i specifically asked for the "lavender color" they had pictured, the word "lavender" was even part of the title of their listing, not to mention, that in my order itself i said to also confirm the color prior to placing my order and shipping, and yet they still sent me peach colored dresses.

PEACH!! not even plum, or something remotely close to a color in the purple family...but PEACH!! i tried to message them, they didn't respond right away, and when they did, was told that i got exactly what i ordered. No.

i had to inform them that i did not in any way shape or form, order PEACH dresses. I had to send them a photo of the color chart as well as correspondence showing their confirmation, and photos of the dresses i did receive, and asked them to compare. i mean are they color blind? if the dresses happened to be a different shade or even remotely close in color, i would have just accepted it, and wrote it off as an error in my judgement, but purple vs peach??!!

Afterwards, they were just border line insulting by halfheartedly apologizing by offering me $20 dollars!! $20 dollars TOTAL...when each dress was $88. After telling them it was unacceptable, they finally agreed to refund my money, and for me to return the goods, BUT at MY expense!! Still Unacceptable.

Again, had it just been that I didn't like my order, or was disappointed in it, I would have accepted the charge happily, i probably wouldn't even have disputed it and kept it, but it wasn't my error. I was willing to believe that they accidentally sent me someone else's order since the dresses were so off in color and not to mention way to big for 5 and 6 year old's, hey...things happen sometimes, i can understand that, so i was content to simply return it to them and await my correct order, despite the inconvenience to me. i wasn't even going to ask them to rush my order, even though, obviously i would need them before my wedding and it takes forever to arrive, but apparently they are just simply unreasonable and not to mention dishonest. They mention that i have 9 days to return my order to get my refund...9 days to get to China when it took them a month to send it to me?

and if not, deny me my refund. So now, not only have I been extremely inconvenienced, have no dresses for my wedding, my money is gone, but now i have to also pay out even more money for shipping even more so if i have to do it express mail..and all for nothing..keep in my mind, none of these circumstances are even my fault. I ordered, I followed their instruction, made specific instructions to them to follow, used their color chart, they confirmed my request, I paid, and I waited patiently, even informing them of the mistake only minutes from opening their delivery. I don't blame Ali Express, well not yet, we'll have to see after I file an escalated dispute, but, allowing Sellers like "Simple Love 's Store" Store No.112518 to conduct business the way they do, and to allow them to cheat would-be good customers, deterring them from purchasing from legitimate sellers, just impacts their business negatively.

Continuing to allow Sellers like that, hinders buying confidence, it actually makes the already cautious consumer, not want to buy anything from their platform at all.I wish anyone going through the same issue luck in getting your money back, because, unfortunately, we can't get back any of the time we've spent dealing with other people's mistakes or the headaches and stress resulting from dealing with stores like, "Simple Love 's Store" Store No.112518 (Bi Xiao Ke)

This person wrote the review because of "poor customer service, wrong goods received" of flower girl dress from Aliexpress and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Aliexpress to "full refund + cost of return shipping".

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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You ordered from China. What do you expect?!?

to Anonymous #1119814

I expect ...to get what I ordered....regardless of where I'm buying it. Isn't that basic principle of buying and selling? And if I don't get what I ordered...I expect the person selling it to correct their error, not push fault on me.

to Wella San Jose, California, United States #1225410

Can't expect anything to be great quality if you're ordering it from China for 1/10 of the normal price.

to Anonymous Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1225515

Most clothes are made overseas, how else you you think the price is reasonable?That's not the issue, the color of the dresses are.

And peach definitely isn't lavender.What a bummer.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1117519

Wow, it's not the color you wanted...but they are very pretty..I thought theI cures were going to show see through material, with jagged see saw sewing like in most pictures...

to Anonymous Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1117520

*I thought they were going to show...sorry typing on tablet and not proof reading

to Anonymous #1119818

Pretty...yes.they were of more than decent quality (despite being way bigger than what I ordered)...

the issue really was the color. And unfortunately it was for my wedding...and the funny thing about weddings...you sort of have to follow the color scheme.

Haha.I wasnt upset until a) they tried to convince me the dresses I had we're indeed lavender and then b) tried to make me pay for return when it was clearly not my fault.

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