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Update by user Dec 04, 2020

Shop 'Amplifier and Transformer Store' is still sending me abusive messages at Aliexpress, Aliexpress uncontactable.

Original review posted by user Dec 02, 2020

Shallow pockets drive an audiophile to try to get a good deal online and often that leads to China and to Aliexpress, while I had good/ok-so-so/bad deals from there, I had nothing to really share until now where recent bad experiences with 2 sellers there caused me much heartache and made me doublt as to the actual sincerity and good-will of my fellow human brethren.

First was seller named 'Shop570**** Store' and person talked to was 'July', the second being a shop that at least had a name that didn't suggest 'fly by night', the almighty 'Amplifier and transformer- Store

Now, I prefaced my interaction with them with the idea that it is really hard to make a good decision on amplifiers esp tubed ones bought sound unheard/sight unseen, and if they would please pardon me if I take a long time to decide, and ask them a lot of questions. I begged for their understanding, and initially it seemed that they were not only friendly, helpful and courteous, but genuinely understood their work, their products, their customers.

It all goes south when 'July' of fly by night shop good for this year only 2020, decided that even if offered additional money they will not fix a known flaw in their amp one I already placed an order for. A well known capacitor value flaw (documented in online audio forums)) that would prove - in fact HAS proven to take out the rectifier time and time again. And that I was making trouble for them, even after they were so so so good to me, how dare I?

I had little choice but to cancel the order, but the seller continued to berate me in Aliexpress chat

The trouble with Tom of 'Amplifier and transformer- Store' was the fake friendship he offered, beyond the bounds of customer-seller interaction, talking about his family, life in China, claiming to work 7 days a week for a hard nosed boss when it later dawned on me he was the boss, recommending me a brand over others for reason of sound quality, then turn around and tell me not to ask him to suggest as he knew nothing about hifi(!?!?) - would not inform me when the amp I wanted to buy was on sale, I found that out myself, and still bought from him....

only to have him lie to me again, about amp not in stock and made me cancel the order, only to have him refuse my request because I stated the reason for the request to Aliexpress as 'item not in stock'.

After several days of tying up my money, I finally relented and changed it to 'other reasons' as surely he was lying about amp no stock, then I get all the blame for his lying, how accommodating he was to me, I was the bad customer, demanding this and that and have no right to be angry with him, how aggrieved he was with me.

This level of *** is way and above the usual level of crap that online business people did to me in the past, and worth a good read I thought, if nothing else, for your entertainment and possibly if you wanted to get a cheap tube amp, to avoid sellers that initially seemed 'too good to be true' especially for the curt, rude Chinese.

Btw, I am also Chinese. Ah, my people. What a joke.

Preferred solution: Ban Bad Sellers, Be OPEN to customer communication.

Aliexpress Pros: Certain sellers and certain products.

Aliexpress Cons: Customer service not working anymore.

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Thank you for telling us about this. I will not use any company that has bad customer service. It shows they do not appreciate their customers.

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