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They cannot say you why it is blocked

Recently, my aliexpress account was deactivated. I am a buyer from EU never had any dispute, bought dozen of small items etc. When contacted Aliexpress they sent me to ALibaba, then after talki

ng with robot, robot decide to switch me to a human. I contacted customer service, and got a reply, again redirecting me to that form intended for sellers, and had to remind them again that I do not run a selling business, I am exclusively a buyer.

Next came the strange request: I must send them a copy of my ID, be it a driver license or passport.

Some Chinese rules , they do not have standard for civilized world.

I am not comfortable with proceeding, and told them so, and asked why my account was deactivated. They said they cannot tell me why. I asked why they need a copy of my ID since it wasn't even required in the first place to open the account as a buyer. they couldn't tell me that either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aliexpress Account.

Reason of review: account decativation without teling me why.

Monetary Loss: $12345.

Preferred solution: Keep civilized world standardds.

  • Account Deactivition
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Mine was deactivated the moment I created it ! LOLAli Express is a joke...Really, these guys are either trolling me, or they got some serious technical issues.


Hi guys, everyone, same thing happened to me too.I got a lot of refunds either I cancelled the order or did not receive the orders.I was blocked , account temporarily unavailable for the first time. I hope I'm unblocked* soon.Super nasty Aliexpress services


Even i can not use my account since it is unavailable and i can not contact them, you found any solution ?


I also blocked the account without reason, support does not help me, I think, a bunch of *** often done shopping and I was treated as ***.


My account was closed yesterday on aliexpress, aliexpress gave me no reason now I cannot even get in touch with your customer service. If aliexpress slams the door in front of their customers for no reason, and they think they are going to take on eBay, Amazon, and now Walmart marketplace, they better think twice.

Americans respond to the customer service, not someone who treats them like a number.

It makes me feel like aliexpress only comes here to grab the American dollar with icy cold fingers so I guess I will just have to give aliexpress the finger


My account also mysteriously deactivated -- and I have had NO returns or refunds.

That's fine, I will deal with Banggood or Gearbest or any of the others that have given me good service in the past.


Same here.


Hi guys, everyone, same thing happened to me too.

I got a lot of refunds either I cancelled the order or did not receive the orders.

I was blocked , account temporarily unavailable for the first time. I hope I'm unblocked* soon.

Super nasty Aliexpress services*


I'am Canadian buyer.

From November I ask a lot off refund, because I never received the items.

In March 3 month later, my account is blocked by Aliexpress, because I used a few refund for the product never received.

Honestly, Aliexpress and a lot off Chinese seller are not honest !

Customer representative don't have a honest values.



Alibaba is such a pain in ***, arrogant company full with fake products, copied products. Theyvget rich from fake and they will die fake.

They tend to protect fake companies because they build their wellness on fake.

There thousands of thousands of fake business license from Chinese companies on Alibaba Why don't you go to check on those mother *** Chinese fake companies ? People have registered on Alibaba for over 15 years then you come out with nonsense talking bulllshit about security Have you ever asked any proof of ids, any supporting documents during registration?????


Very intrusive proof of ID from a Chinese based company.

Very disrespectful (They treat you as a number) and cold in their costumer dealings. They would not allow me to pay for an item I bought from one of their sellers even after submitting all kinds of sensitive personal info.

If they think that they are gonna be the biggest and best think beating and surpassing Ebay, Amazon, Paypal, they are in another reality realm, it's not happening, not in a million years. I am very pleased with Ebay, Amazon and Paypal, I can even buy a gift card and pay with that in Amazon, also Ebay, Paypal is awesome so why will Aliexpress go out of their way to make it so immensely hard to pay a seller for their goods if they want to compete with Paypal and the others?....puzzling....so at the end they ask me to submit other much more sensitive proof of ID, ie: Copy of driver license or passport, photo copy of credit card( front & back), bank statement as if the other two were not enough already, so I got very ill about it, because neither of the other American based companies had ever asked me for such sensitive and intrusive personal info.

So this is part of the exchange I had with one of their costumer service preson/robot?:

Hi,us1237079922vpxe, welcome to AliExpress.com!

If your problem has not been resolved yet, please continue for further assistance.

us1237079922vpxe12:44 Why does it say that my payment can't be processed because of security reasons? Our service consultant is now with you. Queenie_12:44 Hello Queenie_12:44 Nice to meet you.

Queenie_12:45 Thank you for contacting AliExpress. My name is Queenie. I appreciate the chance to assist you. May I have your name please?

us1237079922vpxe12:45 Martrell Anderson Queenie_12:45 Nice to meet you, Martrell Queenie_12:45 How can I assist you today? us1237079922vpxe12:47 My question is that I cannot make a payment with Alipay at all, it looks like they are going out of their way not to take my payment. us1237079922vpxe12:47 I am very frustrated Queenie_12:47 I'm sorry for that. Queenie_12:47 Are you getting any error messages?

us1237079922vpxe12:48 Yes Queenie_12:48 What is that? us1237079922vpxe12:49 For security reasons this process can not be continued.To make sure your transaction is secure, please provide us with documentation by clicking My Appeal for further verification. ISC_RS_5100102051 Queenie_12:50 I apologize that your payment attempt is being declined because of security issue and details is not given at present. Queenie_12:50 I am afraid that this issue cannot be solved in a short time, but because of the risk reasons, we can not deal with the transaction.

Queenie_12:50 I'm sorry that you cannot make payment for your orders because your account has been limited for security reason. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience that has caused you. Queenie_12:50 Please be advised that with the user significant growth, we will have to take stringent measures to protect the authenticity and safety of our services. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Queenie_12:50 For now since the error is due to our payment system being upgraded the purchasing is not yet available. us1237079922vpxe12:51 So what is the point of all the information I gave? us1237079922vpxe12:52 You cannot help? Queenie_12:52 It is all in process.

Queenie_12:52 Please do wait for that. Queenie_12:52 I will help you of course. Queenie_12:52 I'm here to help you, Queenie_12:53 We have a process here . Queenie_12:53 I hope you understand us1237079922vpxe12:55 I can see this problem spreading like wild fire across your platform, and tens of millions of potential paying costumers bailing out from Aliexpress and going else ware to be treated with respect.

Queenie_12:55 Yes, i know that. Queenie_12:55 I'm really sorry again. Queenie_12:56 Please do wait , just the best thing we can do now. us1237079922vpxe12:57 wait for what?

us1237079922vpxe12:57 I cannot buy anything from Aliexpress Queenie_12:58 Please do submit an appeal for that. Queenie_12:58 I apologize for this inconvenience. Unfortunately, the system found that the card cannot be used for this payment due to security reason. Queenie_12:58 I would recommend submitting documents to us by sending an e-mail to security@aliexpress.com and subject will be “Verification for your Order on AliExpress.” Queenie_12:58 Documents are as follows: Queenie_12:58 A copy of your personal ID or passport if you used a personal credit card for the transaction; a copy of your business registration if you used a company credit card.

Queenie_12:58 A copy of both sides of the credit card use. Queenie_12:58 A copy of the bank statement for the credit card used . Queenie_12:59 In order to keep your credit card information confidential, you can cover some of your credit card number. However, please keep the last four numbers and your name clear enough.

Queenie_12:59 Once your credit card information is verified, you can use your card again. Queenie_12:59 Normally, it will take 3-5 business days for our Order Verification Department to verity your card information after you submit the claim. us1237079922vpxe13:01 I will not give anybody my ID number or photo copy of any personal ID us1237079922vpxe13:01 thats very personal us1237079922vpxe13:02 not to be shared with the entire world Queenie_13:02 Please do not worry, your personal and financial information will be treated with confidentiality and rest assured that this information will not be shared to any third-party entity for your protection. us1237079922vpxe13:04 no I do not trust Aliexpress with my personal information of that level...sorry Queenie_13:04 I'm sorry to know that.

Queenie_13:04 That is the best way so you can go on with your payment smoothly. us1237079922vpxe13:05 Wwell it looks like you are going out of your way to not let me resolve this with out sensitive and very personal information Queenie_13:06 Please know that our Verification Team will be checking the documents and we will not have access to those documents for security. Since we have a dedicated team to handle similar issues, I can guarantee that this will be taken care of. us1237079922vpxe13:07 So I guess Aliexpress don't want my business.

Queenie_13:07 We’re hoping for your kind understanding since we are doing everything to protect our customers and our services. We appreciate your patience and I’m glad that I was able to help you today.” us1237079922vpxe13:08 I will go else where...Thank you for not allowing me to buy from Aliexpress Queenie_13:09 I'm sorry for that. Queenie_13:09 It is a process. Queenie_13:09 Hope you understand that.

us1237079922vpxe13:09 Yes sure, it's called vote with my dollar Queenie_13:10 What is that? us1237079922vpxe13:10 I will vote for somebody else who will accept my money Queenie_13:10 It's okay. Queenie_13:10 We, AliExpress respects your decision.

us1237079922vpxe13:11 No thats was your desicion not mine Queenie_13:11 We are truly sorry. us1237079922vpxe13:13 PAypal would have resolved this easily, but not Aliexpress...I will let my friends know about this